Father's Day

*Serves 8 nice pieces*

Rich Chocolate Chip Cake + Chantilly Cream

This cake consists of dark cacao,inserts of gourmet chocolate chip cookies and accompanied with Artisanal Chantily Cream which contains absolutely no preservatives.

Price 29.99$


Rich Chocolate Chip Cake +
 Artisanal Chantily cream +
Pizza Casa Linga.

(Traditional tomato sauce,sauteed onions & mushrooms,roasted peppers,Italian sausage,olives & mozzarella cheese)

This package will allow your family to enjoy more quality time together.

Simply place this Rich Chocolate Chip cake & Real Authentic Cream in the fridge,turn on the oven,wait a little and then cook your wonderful Casa Linga pizza!

Price: 44.99$